Our Kisses


Our Kisses is an ongoing collaboration project with Petrovsky&Ramone originally created for Beijing Design Week.

The installation aims to unite humanity by randomly mixing videos containing singular kissing moments to create unexpected, heart-warming results.

People are invited to kiss themselves in a mirror, this moment is automatically captured to video from a profile angle. Their kiss is then played back along side other randomly selected recordings, creating a new, serendipitous moment. A simple human gesture that extends beyond race, age and gender.

From Petrovsky&Ramone —

"In a chaotic media landscape where sex is seen as replacement for love we would like to show more human affection. We want to focus on embracing the love, understanding and tenderness we feel for one and another. To see yourself interacting with people in an unexpected way makes us more aware of our expectations for ourselves and others. The awareness arises that we in fact, somewhere, deep down there, are all the same. When you look in the mirror you see the other."

Our Kisses was first installed and presented during the “Oxymoron” exhibition of Petrovsky&Ramone in Beijing, China during the Beijing Design Week 2013.


Our Kisses Our Kisses Our Kisses Our Kisses Our Kisses Our Kisses Our Kisses


Petrovsky and Ramone

Random Studio (Michael Pelletier)