Random Studio

For the launch of the next generation Nike Free outsole, we developed an interactive installation to capture the Auxetic Sole Technology : a structure that spontaneously expands and contracts upon impact. We created a range of hands-on digital and physical tools to enable the Nike teams to interact in a tactile way with the technology.

Reacting to the user’s touch, the interactive, flexible screen of the installation challenges the boundaries between physical and digital while capturing the adjustable character of the new sole. The interactive mesh was developed through a combination of visual programming, interactive sound, backlit projection and depth tracking. A cross platform concept, the installation was translated into three different applications. The projection on digital fabric lived first in London, Berlin, and Madrid during training sessions for Nike product specialists. The same visual treatment was deployed to Kinect-connected retail installations in Nike Town London. Finally, a didactic iPad interface, was spread to 40 product specialists across Europe, in order to train retail teams. All design of software and hardware, UX, and fixture product design (built in close collaboration with Thein & Rios) were developed in-house, in a time frame of only six weeks.

The touch responsive screen is coupled with an interactive projection to simulate the flexibility of the Auxetic technology.
Multiple users can simultaneously push, move and slide their hands over the flexible mesh, receiving real time visual and audio feedback.
As users touch the screen, the projection mimics the expanding movement of the Auxetic Technology, the geometrical shapes extending upon touch.
The same visual programming was translated to a native iOS application, providing the Nike teams with an informative platform about product benefits.

Bespoke Fixture Design

We gave special attention to grant a design quality to the fixtures housing the projector and the flexible fabric.

Behind the scenes


Client: NikeLab
Concept, Hardware/Software Development & Animation: Random Studio, Daan van Hasselt, Sylvain Vriens & Victor Martins
Fixture Design & Install: Robert Hoffman, & Random Studio
Fixture Construction: Thein & Rios
Retail Installation & Install: Ink Associates & Random Studio
Project Management: NikeLab, Ink Associates & Random Studio
Sound Design: Dylan Galletly
Documentation Video and Photography: Mark Prendergast & Philip Schuette for Random Studio
Documentation Music: Dylan Galletly